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Tittle       : 8 Langkah Ajaib Menuju Ke Langit
Author    : Victor Asih
Page       : 188 Pages
Language: Indonesian

As we know, Victor Asih is a writer, motivator, and entrepreneur. So, he write the book based on his real story. He wrote this book because he wants to give motivations to the readers. This book gives motivations to everyone who read it and make the readers want to realize their dreams. The writer gives an example from his real story to realize the dream. He gave 8 steps to make our dreams come true. Everyone should have a dream if they want to be successful person. They should earnest effort to realize their dreams. Because if we just have a dream without effort, it is nothing. He said if you do not have a dream, you will never get success for anything in this life.


This book really recommended to read because we can get many positive things after read it. When the first time I read this book, I really interested because it can increase my ambition to realize all of my dreams. I think everyone will change their life after read this book. It explains about 8 simple steps to realize our dreams easily. This book really good for motivates us, so that we will be a successful person. In this life, we should have a dream and try to make our dreams come true. This book gives an example and many steps to make our dreams come true easily. Make sure that you have a dream and ambition to realize it. You can follow step by step in this book and it can make you easily to realize your dream. The writer explains clearly with an example based on his life, sure it can believable. So, I recommend you to read this book, because you can get many positive things after read it.

Kamis, 21 April 2016



Once upon a time, there was a girl and her family in the small village. She lived with her father and her mother in a small house. She was a beautiful and smart girl, her name was Ana. They lived with plainness and full of happiness. She always helped her father as a farmer after she got home from her school. She also helped her mother to sold kinds of vegetables every day. One day in morning, her mother said, “Ana, could you help me to sell these vegetables?”  “Yes, Mom..” Ana answered. Then she brought all the vegetables and sold it when she went to school. She went to every small shop in the village and sold the vegetables. “Ana, come here!” the old woman called. “Yes, do you want to buy my vegetables?” Ana asked. “How does it cost?” (rise a plastic of carrot)the old woman asked. “It’s 2 $.” Ana answered. After that, the old woman gave the money to Ana. Then, Ana continued went to school.
            After she got home from school, she talked to her father. “Dad, I want to continue my study in university.” Then her father answered, “I’ll try to accept your dream, dear.” “Thank you Dad, I love you” Ana added. Then, they went to rice field to do their activity as a farmer. After twilight came, they went to home. On the night, they had dinner together in their house. “What about your study today, Ana?” her mother asked. “Emm..good Mom, but..” Ana answered. “Why dear? Any problem?” her mother asked. Ana told, “I want to continue my study in university, Mom.” “You can see the condition of our family, right?” her mother explained. Ana tried to understood her mother and went to her bedroom. When she was in bedroom, she thought if her parents wouldn’t accepted her planned. Then, she tried to found the solution. In the dining room, her parents talked about Ana’s planned. “How we can accept her plan, Mom?” the father asked. “I don’t know, Dad.” the mother answered. They were sad and worried if they couldn’t accepted her planned. They knew if Ana really wanted to continued her studied. Then, they decided to went to their bedroom and found the solution tomorrow.
            One day in midday, Ana got home with happiness and smiled-faced. “Mom, Dad, where are you?” Ana called. “Yes, I am here, dear.” Her mother answered. Then, Ana told to her mother if she graduated with the best score in her school. “I am so happy to hear that, dear.” her mother gave response. “Let we go to rice field and tell to father.” her mother added. Then, they went to rice field and told about it to the father. “I am proud to you, dear.” her father expressed. They were happy and cried after listened to it.
            One month later, (in the rice field) They cropped the rice and talked each other. The father asked, “Are you serious with your plan to continue your study?” Then, Ana answered “Yes, Dad.. but I know our conditions.” Her mother added, “We can sell these rice to expense your study.” Then, Ana told, “No, Mom, please. It’s our savings for urgent thing.” They stopped talked each other. The father thought if he should found the solution to get enough money for Ana’s study. He thought if he wanted to sell his kidney. But, he didn’t want if his wife and Ana knew about it.
            One day in morning, he went to the hospital far from his village. Then, he offered one of his kidneys to the hospital. The hospital accepted his offered and they made dealt. After that, he went home and gave the money to his wife. “Where do you get it, Dad?” his wife asked. But the father didn’t answer her question. “It’s for expense Ana’s study.” The father said. Ana felt happy, because she could continued her studied in university. One month later, she accepted to be student of university. Her parents proud to her and cried after knew about it. After a month Ana studied, her father felt ill on his internal organ. Then, he rushed to the hospital, but couldn’t be helped. After that, the doctor told about the story. Ana and her mother were sad and shocked listened to it. The doctor gave the testament to Ana.

It contained..
Ana and Mom, I am so sorry I didn’t explain about it to you. Because I didn’t want to make you’re sad. Ana, please give me proof if you can make me proud and getting successful in the future. Protect your mother and don’t make her cry. I LOVE YOU..
            Then, Ana and her mother felt sad and cried together. They felt if the father is the real father and hero to them. Ana would make her father proud with her result of study.


Selasa, 12 April 2016


Director                : Sheng Ding
Writer                   : Alex Jia
Casts                     : Jackie Chan (Zhong Wen)
                                  Ye Liu (Wu Jiang)
                                  Tian Jing (Miao Miao)
                                  Tao Yin (Lan Lan)
                                  Yiwei Liu (General Manager Niu)
                                  Wei Na (Na Na)
                                  Xiaoou Zhou (Wei Xiao Fu)
                                  Rongguang Yu (Captain Wu)
                                  Peiqi Liu (Chief Zhang)
Release date      : June 5, 2015 (USA)
Genre                   : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Duration              : 110  minutes
Country               : China, Hong Kong
Language             : Mandarin


Captain Zong Wen (Jackie Chan) is Mainland Chinese police. He goes to meet his daughter, Miao Miao (Jing Tian) who have 5 years did not see. She works in an industrial-chic bar which was converted from a factory. Zhong Wen discovers Miao Miao is dating the Wu Bars proprietor, Wu Jiang (Liu Ye) but he disapproves to Wu Jiang. Then, Wu Jiang hostage all people inside the nightclub and tells about his sister death 5 years ago. Zhong Wen uses his skills as a top cop to understand that Wu Jiang is pursuing a vendetta that began one night five years ago. Zhong Wen thinks to put an end to a whole night of madness as he was the first police to the scene. As more details are filled with the emergence of a criminal locked up enters the well enclosed bar, it helps Zhong Wen to understand why he and a few of the patron of the bar was held hostage in an elaborate scheme. In the last, a few of police come to the bar, but Wu Jiang runaway and hostage Miao Miao. When they’re in the subway station and meet Captain Zong Wen, Wu Jiang asks him to make decide. He should suicide with a gun or he kills Wu Jian and he’ll lose his daughter. Then he decides to suicide with a gun, but there is not bullet in his gun. Then, Wu Jiang realize if his sister death had nothing to do with Captain Zhong Wen.

Movie Review

I think this movie is very interesting, because the actors and the plot are good. In this movie, we can learn about important thing in our life. The main actor has given a good example about something positive. Such as, he protect his daughter when his enemy hostage her. He taught us how to be a real father. He chooses to suicide than he should lose his daughter. Over all, this movie has a good scene and also the location of film making. This film is recommended.

Senin, 04 April 2016


Toward Twilight

A lonely hallway, a narrow wall
A footstep that approaching
I am waiting for beloved
Retract the needle from my pulse

Fragrant the roses that become black
Fall and buried
The hand of a little angel
Touch my cheek gently

The twilight that confront me
Eventually disappear
Oh God, forgive these sins
A million dream that delayed

I hear the angel sing
Sing a song about the dream
The sweet dreams that I left
Everything is dark, the world without rainbow

This poetry tell about where someone is in the last time of his life. Twilight means the condition where he almost die. It tells about all his feelings. On the fifth and sixth line mean his condition is getting old. On the last distich means he knows if good thing would come, but he realize if he is not sacred. He realize if his life is full of sins and mistakes, so he feel everything wouldn't be okay.

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